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Conveyancing and Property

Advice and representation to employers and employees on all aspects of property law and conveyancing including:

  • Perusing and advising on contracts for sale of land;
  • Ordering pest inspections, building inspections and structural engineers reports;
  • Ordering building certificates and zoning certificates;
  • Attending to exchange of contracts;
  • Ordering all necessary searches;
  • Liaising with mortgagees;
  • Liaising with real estate agents;
  • Liaising with tenants and landlords;
  • Drafting and perusing lease documents;
  • Attending to registration of title documents at the Department of Lands;
  • Attending to stamping of documents at the Office of State Revenue.

Our experience includes:

  • Acting for sellers - drafting contracts for sale of houses, home units, vacant land as well as all forms of commercial and business properties;
  • Drafting contracts for sale of company title properties;
  • Acting for purchasers - advising clients on contracts for purchase of houses, units, land, commercial premises and company title residences;
  • Advising clients about "off-the-plan" purchases;
  • Advising on ownership and protection of real property rights;
  • Interpreting and advising on complex case law and legislation including the Conveyancing Act, the Real Property Act, and the Corporations Law;
  • Drafting residential and commercial leases;
  • Perusing and providing advice on all forms of leases and licence agreements;
  • Running litigation and alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation with successful outcomes.